TapRoot is a vertically integrated cannabis company operating cultivation and manufacturing facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada. Founded by a powerful network of industry leaders and innovators guided by a bold vision and creative culture, TapRoot is focused on the production of premium branded products that will redefine the future of cannabis as a pillar of a modern, integrated lifestyle.


Executive Team

Executive Chairman - Oliver Zugel

Prior to co-founding Taproot, Mr. Zugel was CEO and COO of leading international gaming companies like Casino Barcelona and Codere (www.codere.com), a publicly listed company with 14,000 employees and 2 bn USD of revenues. At Codere, Mr. Zugel more than doubled the company´s EBITDA and prepared its highly successful IPO. Having left Codere in 2006 to pursue his own entrepreneurial gaming venture (www.springcapital.eu), he was asked back by Codere in 2012 and led a turnaround program reducing headcount by 40% and doubling the company´s profits over the following three years. Mr. Zugel, who worked for the first 15 years of his career as a strategy consultant and private equity professional at HBS professor Michael Porter´s Monitor Group, brings to Taproot his experience as a public company top executive in another highly-regulated industry. At Taproot, he takes on direct responsibility for strategy, international business development and capital raising.

CEO - Shane Terry

Mr. Terry transitioned into the cannabis industry after a distinguished 17 year career as an Air Force officer and fighter pilot seeing combat action over Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Terry served his last five years at Nellis Air Force Base, NV where he was handpicked as a Flight Commander to instruct at the elite US Air Force Weapons School (Top Gun). Recognized for his executive level leadership, he was nominated as the #1 Flight Commander in the nation’s largest command of over 137,000 personnel. Mr. Terry’s cannabis experience involves founding and operating over 12 licenses including cultivation, production, dispensaries and distribution, and leading Nevada’s growth as the previous President of the Nevada Dispensary Association, the largest organization of dispensary owners shaping Nevada’s regulatory development . In addition to TapRoot, Mr. Terry currently sits on the board of directors of GB Sciences, a publicly traded cannabis life-sciences company focused on the pharmaceutical drug development process with operations in Nevada, Puerto Rico and recently selected as the sole research partner with Louisiana State University.

CFO - Oliver Markl

Prior to joining Taproot, Mr. Markl was a private equity professional with Monitor Group, where he was responsible for originating, executing and supervising the transactions related to the European investment program of a 1 bn USD fund. Mr. Markl also was CFO of a German software company and sits on the Board of several technology companies. He started his career as an investment banker at JP Morgan, and has extensive M&A, transaction structuring and tax optimization expertise. At Taproot, he directs the activities of our accounting and finance team, and supports our business development and capital raising processes.

Operational Management

Operations Director - Tim Kelley

Tim’s educational and career path includes being handpicked for a key senior leadership role with the Air Force culminating 23 years of service, a graduate of Stephen Covey and Dale Carnegie, a Bachelors degree in Workforce Education and Development as Summa Cum Laude, and a Masters Degree in Human Resources Development 4.0gpa.

Tim is recognized as a dynamic professional with extensive experience as a goal oriented, highly organized, and self-motivated leader who focuses on creating positive employee and customer experiences. With a reputation for well thought-out and organized processes, Tim has an exceptional ability to inspire managers, supervisors, and front-line employees. He has mentored and trained thousands of supervisors on the qualities needed to be a successful leader, team builder, and communicator. Tim possesses unique talents as a leader who has a passion for people, emphasis on environmental cultures and a strong work ethic.

With a focus on efficiencies, Tim has experience in directing complex projects from concept to operational status, implementing strategic leadership procedures and interpreting public law-supporting policies and procedures ensuring regulatory compliance. Tim was entrusted with a $2.2 million annual operating budget maintaining 100% accountability of 9 cost centers. His attention to detail and ability to plan was essential to maintaining budget limits.

Overwhelmingly, Tim’s greatest strength is as an advisor in organizing project aspects. As an advisor he is focused on developing strategic vision, goals, and objectives, all the while looking for continuous process improvement ensuring standardized processes through SWOT analysis.

Director of Production - Joe La Puma

Joe is a fifth generation, Scratch Artisan Master Baker who has spent over 30 years in the retail baking space. From his family’s bakery in Cleveland, Ohio (1968-2003) to various retail shops and industrial scale baking facilities around the United States, Joe has perfected and honed his craft and extended his knowledge of Baking Chemistry throughout his career. In 2009 Joe turned his focus, training, and knowledge to the cannabis space, opening an edibles and concentrate production facility in Missoula, Montana, Santa Cruz and Ukiah California. Today, after a decade of Cannabis experience, Joe has taken concentrate and edible production to new and exciting levels focusing on both medical and recreational products. Beyond that, Joe has made it his mission to provide the cleanest, safest and highest quality products, while also educating the market on the ever-expanding potential and proper use of cannabis.

Director of Cultivation - Derek Lopes

Vertically Integrated Cannabis Ecosystem
Founded By Industry Leaders & Innovators
Crafting Premium Brands & Products



Proven extraction technology
GMp certified facility
Currently expanding production capacity by 6x
prime quality & industry leading efficiency
Proprietary technology
Biosecure environment
Everything we do, we do with purpose. Our facility was designed around GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant standards to not only optimize operational efficiencies, but also to provide the highest quality products created in a bio secure environment.
Our 17,000 square foot facility in North Las Vegas incorporates proprietary extraction equipment engineered to expand our current capacity to over 1.2 million grams of premium cannabis extract per year.
By incorporating leading edge vertical cultivation technology, a commercial kitchen, extraction lab, and post-processing production space, our vertically integrated platform enables precise product development capability on an industrial scale. 

Strain specific cannabinoid/terpene ratios in a full-flavored extract

THC Range: 75-90%

Options: Capsules, Tinctures, Vape Cartridges, or Syringes


  • Produced by hand using 100% organic non-GMO cane alcohol

  • Available in a variety of formulations and products

  • Perfect balance between artisan craftsmanship and bench top chemistry to further the refinement process

  • Clear extracts are refined using state of the art equipment coupled with a decade of cannabis refinement experience


Whole Plant Extract

Dark, whole plant extract containing the plant's full medicinal qualities

THC Range: 70-85%

Options: Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), Topicals, Capsules, Tinctures, or Syringes


Partial Spectrum Extract

Strain specific cannabinoid/terpene ratios in a full-flavored extract

THC Range: 75-90%

Options: Capsules, Tinctures, Vape Cartridges, or Syringes


Normal Clear Distillate

Further refined to isolate a strain's dominant cannabinoids in a clean, highly potent extract

THC Range: 80-91%

Options: Edibles, Beverages, Vape Cartridges, or Syringes


Water Clear Distillate

Our premium distilled oil results in the highest potency extract with an intriguing, water-clear visual appeal

THC Range: 85-94%

Options: Edibles, Beverages, Vape Cartridges, or Syringes

Unique Genetic strains

TapRoot’s cultivation team has preserved over 40 years of unique, family owned genetics originally bred in cannabis’ deep cultural history on the islands of Hawaii. TapRoot’s robust cultivar (genetic) library is the foundation of infused products that are created with proprietary whole-plant profiles while also allowing the isolation of desired cannabinoid and terpene compounds for specific health and wellness products.




We create diverse brands and products that are tied together by a common purpose, enabling us to expand into different market segments while maintaining our core vision and strengthening the TapRoot parent brand.


As our flagship consumer brand, Roots provides stylish, high quality cannabis products at an affordable price point for the modern cannabis consumer who wants an experience that fits seamlessly into their lifestyle. Roots pens stand out in the midst of a chaotic and confusing market because of a laser focus on redefining and simplifying cannabis starting with the pure essentials.


Inspired by our Hawaiian grow team and their passion for the true craft of cannabis cultivation, Ohana represents the roots of our entire ecosystem, the cannabis plant itself. With craft quality, hands-on cultivation, and small batch production, we leverage the technology of nature while maintaining the purity of the cultivation process to create a truly exceptional premium flower product.

HashPlant Distillery

HashPlant Distillery creates craft concentrates for the cannabis connoisseur. Our dedication to quality starts with the roots and guides our process from soil to oil. With a refined taste and a rebellious spirit we not only craft fine cannabis, we craft a rich and satisfying experience of indulgence.

Rootist Lounge

The Rootist Lounge is our communal and cultural epicenter where products, ideas, and people can intersect in physical time and space.

Cultivate Community

Cultivate Community is our non-profit corporation focused on the development of a mural arts program and community improvement initiative. Through the Cultivate Community program we raise contributions primarily from the local cannabis business network, work with government and civic leaders to nominate eligible projects, and develop opportunities for creative collaborations within the community.





TapRoot is interested in both brand and capital partnerships. 
Contact us for any potential collaborations.

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