When creating Taproot in 2016, our vision for the company was built upon an expectation that our young industry would over the next few years be experiencing:  


  1. Blurring boundaries between medicinal and recreational use. 

  2. Commoditization of markets with low barriers to entry.

  3. Slow diffusion of product innovation and technology.

  4. Continued scarcity of capital until Federal prohibition gets lifted.

  5. Massive deregulation of international markets with a strong medical focus.  

As a result, we felt that in order to be successful, we needed to:


  • Complement the traditional products for medical and recreational use with special health & wellness formulations for the growing number of low dosage, daily users.

  • Focus on jurisdictions with strict regulatory frameworks and limit exposure to the industrial agriculture dynamics of cultivation.

  • Create a network of partnerships & alliances with leading technology providers.

  • Prepare the company for the incorporation of institutional capital.

  • Participate in selected international markets.          



  • The launch of a CBD heavy vape pen offering in Dec 2017

  • The closing of 1 M seed capital followed by 0,5 M Series A (without numbers)

  • The award of licenses in Nevada and the start of applications in Colombia and Nevada dispensary

Our Vision

Our Strategy

Through innovation, inspiration and intention we aim to emerge as an industry leader while creating the future of a globally integrated cannabis movement.

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